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Suplife Adventures online store uses cookies.

According to the Electronic Communications Act, which came into force July 1st 2011, anyone visiting a website should be informed about what cookies are used for and consent to the use of these.

Cookies are small simple files that a webpage requests to save on your computer or computer-like device, for example, mobilephone, thru your web browser(if you approve) that allows the webpage to recognize your browser and remember certain information. For example, we use cookies to help you keep track of the items you added to your shopping cart, manage your purchase, make sure you are logged in to the website, thereby no need to logging in again when visit a new page this visit, to customize our service so that you receive advertisements that are relevant to you and to fulfill our commitment on your purchase. They are also used to help us see if customers visiting us are the same customer or a different one.

You usually talk about two types of cookies – Cookies and Session Cookies.

COOKIES: Used to keep statistics, save usernames and passwords, make the loginto variouse services more easy, share what has happened on the website since the last visit, etc. This type saves a file for a long time on the visitors computer, the cookie then has an expiration date. When the expiration date is passed, the cookie is deleted when the user returns to the site that created it.

SESSION COOKIES: This type has no expiration date. While a user is browsing a page, this cookie is temporarily stored in the users computers memory, for example, to keep track of which language the customer has chosen. Session cookies are not stored for a long time on the users computer, and disappear when the user closes theire browser.

Each visitor can specify whether cookies are accepted or not. You can choose to turn off all cookies or to be notified when cookies are about to be received. Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can change the settings so they do not accept them or give the visitor a choice to accept them or not. If the cookie-feature is turned off, certain features will disappear that will help you as smooth as possible and other features may be restricted as well.

You can still place an order over the phone or through customer service even if cookies are turned off.