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Terms and Conditions


These terms of purchase are applicable to the purchase agreement that You conclude with, 750325-6633, hereinafter referred to as ”Suplife Adventure”. In order to take advantage of Your interests as a customer, the provisions of the Consumer Purchase Act (SFS 1990: 932), Law on Consumer Protection on Distance and Doorstep Selling Contracts (SFS 2005:59) and the Swedish Data Protection Act (SFS 1998: 204) apply to all purchases at





Purchase Agreement is established when your order has been confirmed by Suplife Adventure by e-mail to the e-mail address you provided at the time of ordering. By the order you accept these terms.


Suplife Adventure does not include agreements with people under 18 years of age.


Attempt of fake order, attempt of fraud, order made in the name of another person without his or hers consent or otherwise cause Lifestyle Adventure or website to suffer financial damage, will always be reported to the police.




As soon as you make your order, you will recieve an order confirmation to your e-mail address. This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase. This e-mail is your reciepe on the order. As soon as we receive your order, we contact our suppliers to ensure the product is in stock and is available for immediate delivery. If your item is currently out of stock, we will cancel the pre-authorization and contact you via e-mail. If your item is available for immediate delivery (within 5 business days), we will process the payment and send order for delivery. The money is first deducted from the account when we check that your products are in stock and are ready to ship.



All prices at Suplife Adventure are in Euro(€). All prices are shown including 25% VAT. Shipping cost is not included in the product price on the product page and are added on topp of the product price and will be shown at the checkout. Payments are made with card payment via internet. If the customer uses a bank not in Sweden, then his or her bank may charge a fee. This is up to the customers bank and may vary. It is the customers responsibillity to know about this.


Suplife Adventure reserves the right to change the prices, correct prices that are wrong and for any products that are out of stock. If prices are incorrect or a product is out of stock, this may force Suplife Adventure to cancel the purchase and refund any amount paid in the best way possible. This can be done anytime during the course of transaction, when errors are detected. The cause of the cancelation will be clearly reported to the customer in connection with the cancellation of the purchase.


Suplife Adventure disclaims responsibility for printing errors, errors in information and errors in specifikation on all products on Suplife Adventures website. All image information should be seen as illustrations and can not be guaranteed to reflect the exact appearance and nature of the products.



Suplife Adventure guarantees that the payment options offered through Suplife Adventures online store are secure. In connection with customer registration and ordering, the customer agrees that Suplife Adventure stores and uses the customers information to fulfill it's obligation to the customer. Suplife Adventure also has the right to document all communications Suplife Adventure has with the customer by phone, e-mail, social media or any other chanel, to provide the service that the customer expects from Suplife Adventure. We will store your name, your address, your e-mail address and phone number in our customer records. It will also store history of your purchases. The information is used for payment and delivery. Customer also agrees with the order and payment of the product that Suplife Adventure is entitled to share the customers name, address, e-mail and telephone number with Suplife Adventures delivery partners in order to deliver ordered products to the customer. You may at any time, according to the Swedish Data Protection Act (SFS 1998:204), contact us and request corrections, extracts or deletion of your customer information with us.



If customers order is in stock and we have processed the payment, the item will be shipped within five business days from the date you placed your order. We or our delivery partners will send information to the e-mail address you provided when ordering within 24 hoursof your product leaving the warehouse. That way you can track it yourself and see where it is. If you do not receive any tracking information within six days of your order, please contact us at In case of a delayed delivery, Suplife Adventure will notify the customer either by phone or e-mail.


There may be times when it is impossible to complete an order, for example, when Suplife Adventures supplier can not fulfill it's commitment. Suplife Adventure reserves the right to waive all claims for compensation from the customer for delivery delays.



All goods remain the property of the Selling Company(Suplife Adventure) until full payment is made.



It is the customers responsibility to collect the shipment at the servicepoint/place of delivery within 14 days. In case of uncollected shipments, the package will be returned to Suplife Adventures Supplier. Suplife Adventure will then charge the customer for shipping- and administrative costs, amount depending on where in Europe the customer is located. In case of uncollected package, please contact us if you want to withdraw your purchase. Otherwise, according to the Consumer Purchase Act, the customer will pay the companys cost of uncollected packages and costs for transportation and administration. (See number 10 about The Right of Withdrawal.)



Together with our shipping partners, we are responsible for the risk during transport, i.e. The risk of the product being damaged or being lost during transport from our suppliers to the customer. You(the customer) and the transport company are responsible for the risk of any return.


  • Please check the package of your product when they arrive. If you notice any damage, you should immediatly in connection with receiving the package request a recording/note of the damage on the consignment note/waybill/bill of lading.


  • Check that the shipment consists of the correct number of packages according to the consignment note/waybill/bill of lading.


  • Check the condition of the packaging: If the package is damaged, check while the driver is still there that the content are not damaged.


  • If any package is missing or the content of any package are damaged, make a note of the damages/defects in the carriers copy of the consignment note/waybill/bill of lading before signing that you received it. If possible, photograph the damage and attach the photo with the damage report. A DAMAGE COMPLAINT SHOULD IMMEDIATELY BE SUBMITTED IN WRITTEN TO THE TRANSPORT COMPANY, not more then 7 days after.


The Customer shall keep the package of the product so that it can be inspected when handling the claim. Depending on the extent of the damage, the product will either be repaired or replaced. In order to prevent further damages, the customer is obliged to take good care of the product and return the product together with the original packaging, well packaged, back to Suplife Adventures supplier, insurance company or transport company. ALLWAYS contact Suplife Adventure before returning any products.



If you wish to cancel a product, please contact us by e-mail or phone. If the delivery has not yet left from our supplier, you will be refunded the full amount, except €20 (twenty euro), which we will retain for administrative fees. If the delivery alreaddy has been shipped, you will be refunded the full amount, except €50 (fifty euro), which we will retain for administrative fees and the customer will be responsible to pay for the return of the canceled delivery back to our suppliers. The Customer are responsible for the return.


If the customer has choosen a more expensive shipping alternative then the standard option, only the cost of the standard shipping option will be refunded. When returning part of order, no shipping costs will be refunded. Refund to the customer will be made within 14 days after Suplife Adventure has received a copy of the return shipping receipt or Suplife Adventures supplier has received the returned package and also has checked it for any damages. Suplife Adventure will use the same payment method as the customer used when ordering, unless the customer agrees with anything else.


Cancellation does not apply to a product that has been tailor-made according to the customers instructions or which otherwise has a clear personal touch.


Any cancellation is not valid until the customer has received confirmation from Suplife Adventure by e-mail.


When the customer wishes to excersise his right of withdrawal, Suplife Adventure will pay back what the customer has paid minus any depreciation of the product. The customer will be responsible to pay for the return.



According to The Right of Withdrawal, You as a private consumer always have 14 days ”right of withdrawal”/”cooling off period”. The right of withdrawal period/cooling off period begins on the day the customer receives the product. In case of a service agreement, the withdrawal period begins on the day the contract is concluded. The Right of Withdrawal applies to distance contracts by mail, television, internet, telephone or in a location outside of your business premises.


Companies are not entitled to return a product if the product packaging has been opened.




  • Cancellation does not apply to a product that has been tailor-made according to the customers instructions or which otherwise has a clear personal touch.




  • If the customer executes his/hers right of withdrawal, he/she must send a notice of this within 14 days from the date on which the withdrawal period begins. No return is accepted without announcing Suplife Adventure first. This can be done to In your message to us, it must be clear that you regret your purchase and that you wish to excersise your ”Right of Withdrawal”. It is important that a copy of the invoice/receipt/consignment note is attached to see what order the return relates to. The following information must also be included: date of ordering, date of receiving the products, customers name, contact information and date.


You can also use the swedish consumer agencys withdrawal form, which you will find here, please use the english or swedish form (not german). Attach this together with a copy of the invoice/receipt/consignment note to



If the customer excercises his/her right of withdrawal, the customer shall, without any delay and no later that 14 days at his/her own expense, return the product to Suplife Adventures supplier. Suplife Adventure uses variouse suppliers around the European Union and returns should be sent to the relevant supplier and NOT to Suplife Adventures address.


Upon a potential return, Suplife Adventure will send the delivery address to the customers e-mail address. Never return any product without the confirmation of Suplife Adventure. Since Suplife Adventure use different suppliers, the return address may vary.


You, as a customer are responsible for the return shipping.


Suplife Adventure will accept products in return if the customer can prove that the item was purchased from with referance as order confirmation or order receipt. The Products must be in new condition and returned with undamaged original packaging and also accompanying packaging.You as a customer are responsible for packing the product so that they are not damaged during the return shipping. Products that are damaged on return arrival due to lack of packaging will be charged to the customer. If the product is being lost during transportation, the customer must make a complaint to the company that has performed the shipping service.


NOTE: RETURNS CAN NOT BE SUBJECTED WITH ANY PICKUP FEE FOR THE SELLER. (no costs for the seller upon receiving the package on return delivery)


The Customer is responsible for the shipping cost and will be credited the amount of the invoice for the product after deducting for the return as follow:


  • A fixed fee of €20 (twenty euro)
  • A 10% return deduction on the products invoice amount.



The Customer is entitled to examine the product to see what features and functions it has. Suplife Adventure is entitled to compensation for any depreciation of the product if the customer is not careful, use or handle the product in a way that is not necessary to examine the product. Deduction for depreciation will be made on the full price of the product.



According to the Consumer Purchase Act, You as a customer have 3 years of right of complaint. It is advisable that the customer check the product upon delivery to verify that it is correct and clear of defects. In order for you as the customer to make a complaint of a product, the defect should be original, that is, it should have existed when you received the product.


  • Normal wear and tear does not fall under original defects and You must not have caused the defect yourself.


A Complaint must be reported as soon as the defect is detected; two month are considered reasonable time to detect any damaged/defected product.


If you wish to make a complaint of a damaged or incorrect product, please contact Suplife Adventure at e-mail address or thru Suplife Adventures website Please provide name, phone number, date of receipt, order number(copy of order confirmation) as well as the reason for complaint. In case of visible damage/defect please send photo.


Please note, that visible transport damage must be reported within 7 days to the shipping company. (See Nr.8 SHIPPING DAMAGE)


Always save packaging, original product packaging and payment confirmation. If you are returning a product to us, the easiest way is to use the same packaging with the product in the original product package in which it was sent to you. Defect products returned to Suplife Adventure should be treated as if they wew flawless. It is

extremely important for all types of return that the package is packed in such way that it is not at risk of being damaged. Your name and order number MUST always appear on or inside the package of the product you wish to return.


Returns of an complaint product is always at our expense, but you should ALWAYS contact us before returning a product. Returns may not be subjected with any pick-up fee (no costs for the seller upon receiving the package on return delivery). Suplife Adventure reserves the right to repair defect product if possible, otherwise to replace defected product with equivalent product in cases where identical product is not available. In the case of returned product as a reclamation and damage/error/fault/defect can not be found, a fee of €25 (twenty five Euro) + shipping cost is charged as well as the handling costs for the said case.


For companies, Sales of Goods Act (SFS 1990: 931) applies. According to the Sales of Good Act, the buyer of the product may only make a complaint of the product whitin a reasonable period of time after it has discovered or should have discovered the damage/defect/error. If the buyer does not make a complaint within two years after receiving the product, the buyer looses the right to make a complaint.



We sell all new products with1 year warranty. The Product warranty only covers original errors/defects, i.e. Errors/defects that already exists upon delivery. The product warranty does not apply to errors/defects that occur during or after customers own change of the products function or appearance, such as rebuilding, upgrading or other configuration of the product.


Also, the warranty does not apply when:


  • There has been an accident after you have received the product.
  • You have failed to look after the product the way you should or used it in a way you should not have.
  • You have failed to follow the maintenance- and service instructions.


Your receipt or invoice is valid as proof of warranty. Keep the document, as it is required if you need to use the warranty. When using the warranty, the same procedure and returnprocess apply as in the case of making a complaint. (See Nr.12 RECLAMATION/COMPLAINT)


For companies, the warranty provided by Suplife Adventure suppliers will be the one that apply and may vary from supplier to supplier.



If you are a private consumer, we have a policy to always follow the recommendations of The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN). ARN is an authority that impartially look into disputes between consumers and business operators. Claims are filed by the consumer. The decisions made by ARN are recommendations only and are not binding.


Disputes between companies are decided by the General Court.


The following is a link to: The National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN)



Events such as war, riot, fire, natural disaster, labor market action, government decisions, missing deliveries from suppliers, price raising circumstances, as well as any comparable event beyond Suplife Adventures control, which could not reasonably be foreseen, should be seen as Force Majeure, which means that Suplife Adventure is exempted from it's obligations to fulfill any agreements made.